NRX Hockey

We are the first of our kind financial and lifestyle advice and services firm dedicated to the sport of hockey. Created to serve an extraordinary kind of person.


As one of the deepest resource providers in Hockey we help organize and manage your life by surrounding you with a team of experts devoted to meet your unique needs as a player, coach, or executive.

We simplify complexity and expand what’s possible through a Personal Office® approach. As your needs expand so does our team, because extraordinary is what we do.

Welcome to Your Personal Office®

Your eyes are on your next game, your next goal, your next project. That’s why NRX Hockey created the Personal Office—to surround you with a trusted team of advisors dedicated to providing expert guidance, customized services, and bespoke lifestyle management tools able to meet your needs. We bring your world into focus, so you can focus on what’s next.

NRX Hockey Wheel of Services


Performance Data & Analysis

Peer-to-Peer/Veteran Mentoring


Risk Management

Diet & Nutrition

Strength & Conditioning

Mental Health & Wellness


Credit Management

International Banking

Financial Planning

Public and Private Investments

Estate & Legal Planning

Insurance & Benefits

Cashflow Management

Banking and Bill Pay


Youth Programs & Camps

Brand, PR & Marketing

Legal Support

Community Engagement

Career Mapping

Contract Negotiation

League Benefits



Family & Household Management

Concierge Services

Personal Coaching


Travel Support

Relocation Services

Giving and Foundation Management

Client Locations

We have clients from around the world, but regardless of where you are, our Personal Office approach ensures you can receive advice from anywhere.

Foundation X is a pioneering social impact organization, working at the intersection of business, nonprofit and community to transform lives. Foundation X partners with NRX Hockey to help consult players on giving, setting up foundations, and creating better ways of doing good.

RSG Hockey is a global hockey agency devoted to providing exceptional services to the modern hockey player. Focusing on the unique needs of each client, RSG Partners with NRX Hockey to provide a customized suite of advice and services tailored specifically to help each player excel on and off the ice.